Installing the  "QuantLib for Mathematica" Add-on

Files must be located in the proper file location in order to be able to load the QuantLib for Mathematica packages with the Needs command and to have the documentation in Mathematica's Documentation Center.  

All the files will be located inside the directory specified by the value of Mathematica's variable $UserBaseDirectory (Typing $UserBaseDirectory and then pressing the at the same time the keys [SHIFT]-[ENTER] in Mathematica, will return the $UserBaseDirectory of your computer).

Inside the $UserBaseDirectory there is an Applications directory, and inside the Applications directory  unzip the file, so that a QuantLib directory is created. Once the unzip procedure is finished, inside the QuantLib directory there must be the file QuantLib.m, which contain the programs of this Add-On, and the file PacletInfo.m, which is necessary to incorporate documentation in Mathematica's help system, and the directories  Documentation, Kernel and Binaries