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Database-Link for Mathematica

Supports the exchange of data between databases and Mathematica (Windows Version).


* Provides access to MS Access,  MS Excel, MS SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle, Informix,  Dbase, Paradox and other ODBC compliant databases or servers

* Complete SQL-92 command set can be used (if it is supported from the available ODBC driver)

* Several databases can be accessed at the same time. Databases can reside somewhere on the network and can run under UNIX or mainframe

* Very fast data retrieval and data writing. Data cursors and buffered result sets outside of Mathematica are supported for working with large tables

* Far-reaching automatic date conversion from and to Mathematica utilizing different formats

* Several commands to simplify the analysis of data structures in unknown databases

* Very simple usage, extensive documentation with lots of tips and tricks from our practical experience

To get more information use the following links:

Price of one license (excluding VAT):

Euro 400

Licensing Information

One license enables the use on one computer running Mathematica.


Mathematica 3.0 up

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